We are a team who firmly believe that writing is a drug that we get high on and we want to stay that way.

We do not want to roll over and open our eyes.

We want to connect with OUR tribe… therefore, we have laid out a SCENE for you –
The Write Scene

We are a dedicated resource and community for writers. We are a one-stop-shop for the writers who want to initiate their writing journey, complete their manuscript, get published and build their career. ‘The Write Scene’ is a perfect place to grow as a writer and an author. All the content on ‘The Write Scene’ is created and shared by our editorial team, contributors and guest bloggers. Beyond the resource, ‘The Write Scene’ aims to nurture the first time writers and help the writers transform into authors with a rolling income. ‘The Write Scene’ is glad to have a team of creative writers and market researchers as well who foster inventive growth, and make sure that our web site runs seamlessly with our writer community. We are here to help you at every step of the way. We know the hard work that goes behind the scene of an aspiring writer.

Our mission – To help you get Inspired. To Grow. To Excel. We lend you a helping hand with our carefully thought out segments that you can make use of and this SCENE shall evolve and with time, get more elaborate taking cues with your feedback.

The segments are as follows:


‘YOUNG AUTHOR AWARDS’ is an initiative to award the young published authors. Both self-published and traditionally published. Click here to read more or apply:


We understand that from time to time, we need to hide away and stay wrapped up with our inspiration and complete that piece we are working on or just connect with ourselves and silence the noises of the world outside, to awaken and find our muse. Whatever the case maybe. There are times we need to hide away in a retreat. This segment is dedicated to the retreat organised by ‘The Write Scene’ in Dubai and also would list other retreats around the world. Organisers of retreats send your details here : retreat@thewritescene.com

Candid with Deeba

This is the segment that is meant to inspire all aspiring writers and also for all others to get a glimpse into the world of writing. Deeba Irfan, the founder of The Write Scene, will be interviewing Authors, Publishers, Editors, Agents and other people connected with the world of writing and bring them in closer to you. For any specific questions you may have do send queries here - CandidQA@thewritescene.com

Connecting Dots

A segment where you can enhance your writing skills. Find articles related to the subject of writing. How to improve your craft, how to write that perfect query, how to self publish, how to approach an agent, how to keep your muse alive, how to promote your work, etc. We do welcome content from writers around the world for this segment. Our editors will browse through the content and if it fits the Scene for the month or the months to come, it will feature with credits to you. We do not want content previously published. You can send your articles here: content@thewritescene.com
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Writer’s Market Place

Writer’s Market place is a storehouse of services to help you set your writing scene and to help you sell better. Get your work edited, cover designed professionally, get your website designed, get PR services or social media managed. A list of services to choose from.
This is a unique opportunity for all those businesses who help the writers create their work. This is where the writers can find Publishers, Editors, Agents, PR agents, Illustrators, Advertising, etc. All associates are invited to send details here: WMP@thewritescene.com

Keep coming back to enhance your scene. We wish you a successful future.