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How To Demystify The Craft Of Writing

How To Demystify The Craft Of Writing

The craft of writing employs techniques to make the written work more understandable. Concepts, elements, and generics do not hold the readers emotionally. The need of the story is to draw analogies to be able to feel, see, and understand what is going on in the plot.Let’s assume a story as a car and then understand elements of writing via metaphors:

  Idea: It is a model of a car. The idea should clearly convey an apt purpose. It should have facts, examples, and an explanation.

  Organization: It is the assembly of the car. Organization should be succinct and it must have an introductory paragraph. Logical sequence of ideas, effective use of transitions and concluding paragraph are a must haves.

  Sentence fluency: It is the steering. Sentence fluency entails sentences with a different number of words in them.

  Word usage: It is different gears. Apt use of words that help the reader to imagine vividly. The words must be woven perfectly into the story. Must be able to differentiate between the literal and figurative choice of words.

  Voice: It is an engine. Voice should be appropriate for the reader and it must serve the purpose of the task.

  Conventions: They are speed, mileage, and fuel. The importance of correct grammar, parallelism, and consistency cannot be ignored. You must also ensure that your writing should be free of redundancy and ambiguity. Remember, the more you write, the better writer you will become.

By Farheen Viquas

About Farheen Viquas

The author works as a Senior Technical Editor/Writer based in Bangalore, India. I have also worked as a Technical Writer/Editor, Mentor/Coach, Language Consultant, Information Tester, English Trainer and Transcriber.

When not at work, I write, read, listen to music, create mosaic art pieces, et al.