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For Awards
We are open to sponsorship ideas, tie-ups, and look forward to various nominations. If you have any question, feel free to connect with us - awards@thewritescene.com (check this to be the email for sponsors to send email too)
For Retreat
If you want to join our retreat or connect with us in some way. Or if you have a retreat you will want us to cover, do share with us for our retreats around the world section. retreat@thewritescene.com
For Connecting Dots
We are open for article submissions for any clarifications contact us : content@thewritescene.com. To know the guidelines click here - Submission Guideline.
For Marketplace
We are in the process of building our marketplace. Looking for all the right people behind the scene who can help our authors and writers build or enhance their writing scene. If you are into that business, do contact us to explore opportunities of joining hands. Primarily we are looking for all Publishers, Literary Agents, Editors, Publicists, Social Media Specialists, Digital Marketers, Advertising Agencies dealing with Personal Brand Building, Designers, Illustrators, Writing Workshops, Book-Fair Organisers, Literary Festival Organisers, Writing Retreats, Writing Webinar, just to name a few. Let us know if you think your service is not listed above, yet it is a key service to an Author, email us - WMP@thewritescene.com
For Candid with Deeba
If you are an author, publicist, agent, publisher or any specialist providing services for authors or know someone who can be our guest for 'Candid with Deeba,’ write to us, we are open for evaluation : CandidQ&A@thewritescene.com
For Press
If you would like to feature us in any publication or blog and need press kit, or for any speaking engagement or for a guest blog request, contact us at : editor@thewritescene.com