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How To Start Your Non-Fiction Book?

How To Start Your Non-Fiction Book?
‘Nothing succeeds like success!’ Very true. But you may feel stuck by the immense knowlegde you may have vs. how to present it in an interesting way. Writing skill may be enhanced by doing following:

Your target audience?

You cannot write for everyone. So before you begin, you need to decide who are you writing for. You will find many answers from this simple exercise.

Research! Research! Research!

Load up with knowledge about the subject. Even if you are an expert, you may always find those little things you can add to your knowledge bank that would make your book from ‘better to the best’ it can be.

Your writing style:

Study the different styles in which an article or content may be written and in conjunction with your target audience, you can set the style and tone of your writing.


You need to take care of grammar, use of punctuation and spelling. Nothing puts a reader off than errors in these. You do not have to be a master of this language as long as you are a master of your craft. After you have written your content, you can seek help of a professional to do the rest.

Keep it short:

Write simple and short sentences. Nothing is more impactful than a power punch!


Revise your write up after a gap of a few hours or even a day. Like they say, ‘sleep over it,’ do it and revisit it with a fresh persppective.


These days many formats are used. Choose an attractive and clear format of M S Word. Clear fonts and uniformity is always pleasing to the eye.

By Midhat Luqman

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