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The Top Literary Retreats in 2017


“When from our better selves, we have too long Been parted by the hurrying world, and droop, Sick of its business, of its pleasures tired, How gracious, how benign, is Solitude” William Wordsworth

We all crave for that much-needed break from the drudgery of daily life, and take a dip into the world of words. The thoughts beckon us, our pens drag us to write, yet we cannot produce what we want to; because we are still not with ourselves. Our hands are too full and so is our mind, with the thoughts of chores. We rush hurriedly, forgetting the writer in us! That’s when you need to sign up for a literary retreat, for yourself.

Literary retreats may lastfor a few hours or roll on for few days;breathing in us fresh ideas and helpingus take a different perspective. You take a fresh look at that magnolia on the windowsill or the young boy selling candies, on the road, and think…. “Hey, I never thought that way!” It is like looking at the raindrop on the glass pane, casually, and discovering the brilliance created by sunray passing through it.

Literary retreats also let you find a community of like-minded writers. You can interact, exchange ideas, learn about new trends, and of course, fuel your passion for writing. It is also one of best places to look for writers of niche content, an art historian or cuisine researcher, for example.

Literary retreats are learning workshops for budding writers, writing professionals, editors, and bloggers. True that, writing has more to do with individual flair, but it also requires strong command over language, flawless editing, and knowledge of marketing tools, to become an established author. TheWriteScene, is one such literary retreat that hones you as a writer, sharpening your skills, and tutoring you as a writer.

We present before you some of the incredible literary retreats of the world. Take your pick, according to your preference.


1 Women Reading Aloud Writing Retreat: August 20-29, South of France

Women Reading Aloud organized by Greece Writers’ Retreat is focused on driving women’s writing in all genres. The 2-day writing and reading workshop is an eclectic mix of solitude and community. Enjoy the beauty of Aegean Sea and Greek islands by day, and take part in reading workshops in the evening. Limited to only 12 female participants, Women Reading Aloud allows you to bring in your spouse (not taking part in the workshop), includes a welcome dinner, sunset dinner cruise, swimming, kayaking, hiking, beach tours, and a host of other activities, to keep you entertained. The workshops follow the Amherst Writers and Artists Method, which is an open forum forvoicing your ideas as a writer. You may log on to www.womenreadingaloud.org/greece-retreat.html for more details on this.


2 Cambridge Writers’ Workshop:Summer in Granada, Spain Writing Retreat (Aug 2-6, 2017), Granada, Spain

The Cambridge Writers’ Workshop in Paris offers a brilliant opportunity to participating writers of all genres and levels to contribute alongside renowned authors and editors. As a participating writer, you can hone your writing skills, get an avenue for reading out your own literary works to a learned multitude. The eight-day workshop includes writing seminars, creative writing workshops, literary tours of Paris, daily yoga and meditation classes, and getting expert opinion of your writings, through paid manuscript consultations.

The Cambridge Writers’ Workshop has David Shields (nonfiction, book-length essay), Diana Norma Szokoloyai (poetry, nonfiction), Rita Banerjee (poetry, fiction), Jessica Reidy (fiction, poetry), and Elissa Lewis (yoga, meditation) as faculty.It is a pleasure to have these luminaries as faculties and as manuscript reviewers. You can apply online at cww.submittable.com for more information.

Paris’ Montparnasse neighborhood, open air markets and our Moroccan themed classrooms also bring out the best in you. Who knows you might even sketch out your new romantic novel or fantasy fiction on the backdrop of Paris?


3 Moroccan Caravan Writers Retreat:March 4 – 22, 2018, Morocco

Moroccan Caravan Writers Retreat, which lasts for 14 days is a remarkable mix of adventure, culture, literature, and tourism. The workshop begins at Marrakech and takes you to the mystic world of Moroccan decorative arts, architecture, sculpture, and Islamic symbiology. The caravan tours explain the significance of the eight cardinal directions and their tremendous impactupon literature. The travel-and-learn workshop includes camel safaris and walking tours to the great Erg Chebbi Dune and visiting nearby travel destinations. The participants are also taught meditative techniques, and doctrines of Sufism. Moroccan Caravan Writers Retreat allows you to interact with renowned writers (like Karen Hadfield), travel bloggers, adventure fiction writer, and culture travelers. The cultural tour married to literary discourse gives you an experience of a lifetime. Log on to http://www.writersjourney.com.au/journeys/moroccan-caravan/ for more information on Moroccan Caravan Writers Retreat.


4 Himalayan Writers' Retreat, Kumaon: October 1-8, 2017 (7 nights, option for 10 nights), Village Satkhol, District Nainital, Uttarakhand

Himalayan Writing Week is popular among young writers, especially among travel bloggers and nature poets. Three to four weekend workshops are organized every year. You may go for the Blogging and Podcasting Retreat at Kumaon, Himalayan family retreat, or the usual Himalayan Writing Weekend at Binsar. The four-day workshop usually comprise yoga and meditation classes, forest walks, creative writing workshops for kids or adults, parenting workshops, literary workshops with eminent writers, and learning the basics of blogging through podcasting by professional podcasters. The dazzling beauty of the Himalayas, sun-kissed peaks, flora and fauna, natural lakes, fireside chats, and abundance of nature, imbibes you with new ideas. You rediscover yourself in the mountain trails and brilliance of setting sun rays, while the writer in you has already started his composition. You can visit http://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/ for more details.


5 cookNscribble: September 29 – October 6, 2017, Castello di Potentino, Monte Amiata, Tuscany

cookNscribble, organized by Molly O’Neill, the famous cookbook author organizes several in-person literary retreats for culinary experts and food connoisseurs, every year, at several locations, including La Pitchoune (actually Molly O’Neill’s summer house in France). O’Neill’s literary retreats are intriguing, offering the participants a cook-and-learn session with her to understand the true essence of the French-style cooking. The group for each workshop is limited to 15 participants and 5 instructors.

The seven-day long cooking retreat held at a medieval castle in Etruscan site, Potentino is surrounded by kitchen gardens, vines and ancient olive trees, introducing participants to the culture of kitchen gardens, vines and ancient olive trees. It is an intensive workshop for cook book writers,recipe writers, food critics, and restauranteurs, offering a deep insight on authentic French cooking and culinary culture. They will also take part in a wine-making session, supervised by British winemaker Charlotte Horton.

Replete with exposure to country side France, harvest season, community cooking, eating and tasting sessions, serving styles, and recipe writing is a learning experience indeed. The tour into authentic French cuisine, with its Provencal elements pouring in, is an amazing experience for any food columnist. A must try for all foodies or food bloggers. Log on to http://onebigtable.com/cooknscribble/ for more delightful information oncookNscribble.


6 The Write Scene Retreats:

Do you often find yourself stuck at a blind alley, struggling to come out of a writer’s block, or do you end up scratching your head, looking for new ideas, or feel lost trying to get your work published as a newbie? All you need to do is: log on to www.http://thewritescene.com. The Write Scene gives you quick access to writing resources, articles and guidelines on editing, tips and tricks on blogging, the right presentation tools tailored to your needs, and conversation withestablished writers. It opens hitherto unexplored avenues of your mind, giving you (or your creative self) a fresh lease of life.

The Write Scene’supcoming retreats are outlined below:

a) Dubai Literary Retreat: 7-11 December, 2017

Only 7 places to be filled. Registrations Open.

Get cajoled at a mesmerizing and a unique five star writing retreat in Dubai. Feel the golden sand under your feet and let your mind unlock your inner creativity in the lap of luxury.

Highlights: An unconventional workshop in the desert on building your author brand, yoga & brainstorming in multi-cultural environment with local authors and poets by the sea, plus six solid hours a day to write on your own at a five star hotel!

b) Exclusive Writer’s Retreat at EKO Resort, Velika Planina, Slovenia 10-15 April, 2018

5 nights and 6 days of Writing Paradise with minimum 5 hours of exclusive writing time a day Open only to 10 people – Registration closes on 15 Jan 2018

What’s better than an inspirational venue that is magical and a replica of unique herdsmen’s pre-historic Preskar huts amidst unspoiled nature?

Get away to Eko Resort, for exclusive writing time clubbed with an interaction with local literary talent and trekking to Velika Planina, top Herdsmen’s settlement in Europe for a brainstorming session amidst breathtaking views.

Visiting Eco Resort beneath Velika Planina, you will have a chance to experience nature and reconnect with yourself. At the foothills of the Kamnik Alps, where fresh air fills your lungs, you will live in comfortable little cottages, resembling the unique architecture of real herdsmen's huts, smell the scent of wood and a view through the window to conjure up an enchanted atmosphere. You will be able to sense nature and yourself. You can entice your muse and get inspired to write something new or edit an existing work, develop your plot or research for your next project. For sure, a perfect place to drive your writer’s block away.

You may also interact with published authors over informal evening drinks or morning walks by the river and brainstorm about your work-in-progress or your finished manuscript.

You need to send your details to be accepted to participate in this.

To register now or enquire more: click the link…

The Write Scene also organizes literary retreats in Dubai and other parts of the world. The retreats comprise literary workshops, interaction with fellow writers, and getting acquainted with the different people from publishing industry.

You can mail at retreat@thewritescene.com for more details or to join our mailing list.

Friendly in its approach, and conversational in tone, TheWriteScene.com is a go to site for every writer.