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Top Author Interview Sites


“What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.” ― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

How often have you wished you could have a chat with your favorite writer over a cup of coffee? How would it feel if you find yourself seated next to a great author, absorbed in thoughts over his new novel?You must have wished if you could “time travel” with your favorite author, wandering through memory lanes, making way through the labyrinth of life, diving into the deep seas of fantasy and yet coming out with a magnum opus. Well, author interviews are just like that. Author interviews are heart-to-talks with the person behind the creation, who is the invisible, yet very much present character (mostly, though not always), in the novel or story. You can ask questions, get inspired, and yes, also stay connected, (thanks to social networking sites) with authors of your choice.

Author interviews are a popular feature of many online magazines. Most of them are free for reading or listening. Some offer paid subscription for limited-edition interview. Some author interviews are conducted by the journalists, while sites like TheWriteScene has an author vs. author section. What is better than reading or listening to two authors speaking on their creative arts. A long flowing discourse between two authors often brings out latent ideas in the text; most of which came out as fruition of the author’s sub conscious mind. A comparative discussion of different works by two authors with related analogies makes for a rich literary discourse that is both informative and engaging. Here, we discuss some of the top players in the fray.


1Writers and Authors:

Writers and Authors interviews writers, especially young writers, trying to carve a niche in the world of literary glitterati. The interviews, though mostly informal, and conversational in style, include questions on the popular works of the author, regarding his/her character creations, settings and themes. The author also tells us the history behind the first published work, interaction with the readers, rapport with literary agents and publishers.

Writers and Authors also lets us consider the author’s persona, his/her life in general, inspiration, and admired writers. The authors also give out advice to aspiring writers on getting published and other writing tips. The site also has links to connect to the author through social networking channels. The readers also get to know about related literary events in Writers and Authors. Being a registered member of Writers and Authors gives you free access to advice and guidance from literary agents, editors and authors.For more information on this, click https://www.writersandartists.co.uk/writers/a-writers-toolkit/interviews-with-authors.


2The Paris Review:

The Paris Review is prolific website that features interviews of famous authors across the world. Every interview is preceded by a briefing on the author, followed by a long story like conversation with vivid details, anecdotal references, and opinionated discussions on various issues. The creative discourses between the writer and the interviewer in Paris Review, is usually conversational in style, meant for the erudite and intellectual reader. Targeted at the niche segment of literary agents, learned publishers and intelligentsia, the e-magazine is a long-standing player. The website also has a series of audio interviews of renowned writers.

Another good thing about Paris Review is its year-wise archival of interviews. So, you get to read interviews taken as early as 1950, to the most recently published ones. Paid subscription, which starts at $49/year and goes up to $125/ 2 years, gives you full access to author interviews and The Paris Review issues. Log on to https://www.theparisreview.org/interviews for more information on interviews.


3 Writer’s Digest:

Writer’s Digest publishes interviews of first-time authors trying to make it big at the literary world. The tone is informal and the content informative. You get to know about the author’s inspiration, source or raw material for writing, interest areas, and learning experiences throughout the publishing process. Writer’s Digest interviews are well suited for budding writers, helping them learn the tricks of the trade from fellow writers. The best part is, you can contact them through e-mail. Most writers in Writer’s Digest have their website, another learning area for today’s aspiring authors.

Learning about literary agents (how to find the best one and how to get the best deals) through shared experiences goes a long way in imbibing the much-required knowledge and fine tuning for successful publishing experience. Today’s writer is no less a celebrity than a sports star or actor. Apart from etching out a brilliant piece of work, one also needs to hone marketing skills for promotion, a must for breaking in. Newbies in the literary world get many useful tips on improving writing skills, presentation, self-promotion through digital means, and effective PR management, through author interviews and related articles in Writer’s Digest. For more information on this, click http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/guide-to-literary-agents/author-interviews.


4 BookPage:

BookPage, an online book review publication site, publishes interviews of renowned writers. The interviews are centered on a recent publication of the author and a deeper analysis of the author’s persona. The deep-delving discussions, more like a one-on-one interaction between the author and interviewer, follows a story-telling pattern, weaving the pieces of information about the writing in discussion, its settings, characters, as also the author’s personal sketch. The richness of language, languid descriptions, historical references, interspersed with authorial opinion on global issues, and upcoming writings make the interviews are a wholesome dose of edutainment. Some of the recently interviewed celebrity authors in BookPage include Salman Rushdie, Manoush Zomorodi, John Rocco, and Kamila Shamsie.

BookPage has readership of over 400,000and is distributed to more than 4000 subscribing bookstores and public libraries. You may also sign up for individual subscription of the 32-page printed monthly book reviews.Full interviews may also be downloaded over Kindle or Nook.Founded in 1988 and located in Nashville, Tennessee, BookPageis also immensely popular as a book review or study guide for new releases every month. If you like an interview, you may also share it with others, over social networking sites. Past interview issues are archived and may be downloaded or bought by subscribers. You may visit https://bookpage.com/interviews for more details on author interviews and subscription.


5 BookBrowse:

BookBrowse, an online magazine for booklovers publishes book reviews, articles, reading guides, and author interviews. Founded in 1997, by Davina & Paul Morgan-Witts, as an endeavor to start something like an information house for books, BookBrowse evolved into a twice-monthly online magazine, where you can read intriguing author interviews, along with backstories, book related news, and recommendations for book clubs. With a membership fee of $10 for 3 months or $35 for a year, you have access to a vast storehouse of information, free resources, and e-mail newsletter.

Author interviews in BookBrowse are good to read and inspiring for young and aspiring authors. The interviews usually begin with a biography of the author, and is soon followed by a series of questions. The questions are simple, and may range from the author’s background, source of inspiration, character sketches,and specific questions on prevailing themes, views about current literary trends, and favorite books and writers.

BookBrowse impresses us with its simplicity. The underlying showmanship, makes itself manifest through the skillful management of the content and the choice of questions. The interviews are well conceived, breezy, and free from bombastic language or unnecessary literary jargons, making it understandable and enjoyable for the common readers. You may also connect to the authors over social networking channels. All interview pages in BookBrowse have links that take to you the specific author’s page or their genuine social networking profiles. For more information, log on to https://www.bookbrowse.com/author_interviews/.


6 TheWriteScene:

What happens when one author interviews another? What happens when you catch them fighting over a hot literary trend? What do you feel when you see two authors with very dissimilar backgrounds, agreeing on something that is not related to their art? Well, the answer to all three questions, and many more to be come, is one: excellent creative discourse. Candid with Deeba,a popular segment of TheWriteScene is just what you want. Candid in every sense, Deeba Irfan Salim, herself a successful author and brand expert, indulges in long conversations with authors, revealing unexplored sides of their author personality. The talks range from favorite book and writers, writing journey, to overcoming writer’s block, choosing alternative careers, active participation in social and cultural events, and advice for young and aspiring writers. Candid with Deeba has published interviews of renowned / awarded authors like Padma Shree KekiDaruwala, Chitra Divakaruni, Laurence O’Bryan, Tabish Khair, PreetiShenoy, and more.

Deeba also interviews editor, literary agents, publishers, and brand directors, which shows you the other side of the story; the trader’s point of view. The readers (many of whom are also aspiring or lesser published writers) get to know the reigning themes, changing trends in book publishing and promotion, the art of selling literature, and the effective marketing tools at play. The literary agents tell us in their interviews how they reach out to a global market, or strategize to reach a diverse mass in a shorter time, how to make the best of a literary event. They tell you the success story behind an author, the hard work behind the blockbuster novel, and the trade secrets you always wanted to know.

Take a look at Candid with Deeba, and re-discover your favorite author over a cup of coffee. Who knows, you might find a story, similar to yours? Or you might come across a life-changing advice that adds momentum to your journey as a writer. Log on to http://thewritescene.com/candid-with-deeba/ for more candid talks.

Author interviews are an “inner view” of the lesser known face of the author. It is often said that one author defines the other. Author interviews are perfect examples of this. The story behind the story and the unexplored nooks and corners of life, seen through the eyes of an author make for a delectable reading.