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Top Editorial Services for Authors


"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." - Mark Twain

Write well if you are a genius, write it right, if you want to be gem of a genius.

How often have you wondered while writing, that I could have put it in a better way, had I the “expression” of that person, or the “persona” of this person or the “language” of some other person? How often have you given up trying to find answers to these questions and started thinking again, taking up the pen for writing, again? Well, the answer lies within you, or better say, your willingness to find the right writing resource to guide you through.

It takes more than just great ideas to write a bestseller novel or a blog that draws attention. Every writer or writing professional needs to hone his or her skills, know about the latest writing trends, get tips on publishing and language review, and adapt to the changing needs. It is here that editing services or resources come into use.

TheWriteScene is one such site that guides you, mentors you, makes you cognizant of the upcoming changes, and brings out the best in you as a writer. Here, we discuss some of the top players in the fray. Some offer free resources and helpful articles on self-publishing, while others offer paid editing and proof reading service packages. Apart from the services, you also get to know about the changing trends in writing and publishing. Take your pick, according to your preference.



Founded in 1997 by Chandra Clarke and Terry Johnson, and later acquired by MAGNUM Capital Partners in 2017, Scribendi offers professional editing and proof reading services at an affordable rate. With a team of more than 300 editing and proof reading professionals with a master’s degree and Ph.D. and language proficiency of a native English speaker, Scribendi offers editing services on both technical and non-technical content. It takes care of editing and proof reading for a wide range of subjects, including business communication, academic editing, medical and scientific editing, ESL editing, publishing and manuscript editing (for fiction and non-fiction), and resume editing.

Scribendi accepts orders for editing or proofreading services for various categories. The user can select from the available services, depending upon his purpose, whether he is a student, a business entrepreneur or an author. An academic or student, for example, may choose from academic editing, academic proofreading, dissertation editing, dissertation proof reading, essay editing, essay proofreading, admissions essay editing, and admission essay proof reading. Scribendi also puts up editing samples for the users to judge their standard, the one area which sets them apart from others in the crowd. The user also has the option of suggesting a price quote, which Scribendi reviews and may agree or negotiate further, if required. Log on to https://www.scribendi.com/about.en.htmlfor moredetails on their services.


2The Creative Penn:

The Creative Penn offers articles and resources on writing, self-publishing, book marketing and finding success as a writer. Founded by Joahnna Penn, bestseller author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur, Creative Penn has more than 100 text articles and over 100 hours of audio information, video tutorials, illustrative references, and step-by-step guidance, tips and tricks for first-time writers as well as established writing professionals.

Primarily targeted at the budding writers and creative writing professionals looking forward to add an extra zing to their art, Creative Penn contains YouTube video links and free downloadable e-books on self-publishing. You can look up for articles, resources, and guiding tips on book marketing. There are interesting articles on Short Term Marketing Tactics that help not-so-tech savvy writers understand the concepts of Meta data, Amazon keywords, K-lytics reports,and e-mail blasts. You also get detailed guidelines on using social media for content and brand marketing, podcasting, and creating book trailers.

For would-be entrepreneurs in publishing, The Creative Penn offers articles, audiobooks, video tutorials, podcasts on ACX and audiobook marketing, book rights, production and distribution of books, and public speaking. Joahnna Penn shares her own experience as an author-entrepreneur. She has written and published 23 books and sold over 500,000 books in 84 countries and 5 languages. She was voted one of the Guardian UK Top 100 creative professionals in 2013. Joahnna also runs Curl Up Press, a small press, and is assisted by her husband.

You may also sign up for Creative Freedom Course for a lucrative career in writing. You may listen to The Creative Penn podcast on iTunes or check out the backlist of over 250 episodes. Log on to https://www.thecreativepenn.com/ for more information on writing, publishing, and marketing books.


3 Editing for Authors:

Founded in 2011, by Erica Orloff and Jon VanZile, EditingforAuthors offers paid services and courses for writers and writing professionals. It offers a host of services like comprehensive editing, developmental editing, and proof reading.

Comprehensive Editing includes a thorough line edit for proofing, spelling, and grammar of manuscripts. It includes multiple rounds of editing and close collaboration with the editor for feedback and improvements. The initial cost is $0.018/word, and for multiple editing (which is optional), the rate is $0.007/word. You may ask, for additional review of plotting, pacing, and characterization, by requesting through an editorial letter. Polishing Proofread, another service by EditingforAuthors covers a single-pass read for spelling, typos and other slips at a rate of $0.011/word.Developmental Editing service priced at $0.055/word, includes standard proofing and editorial feedback. EditingforAuthors also offers ghost writing and book development services for business leaders finding it hard to pen their thoughts. You may check out sample edits for all paid services at EditingforAuthors.

Editing for Authors also has a six-month online Writing Class with Erica Orloff, that teachers that takes aspiring writers through rigorous literary exercises, critiquing and feedback, coaching and manuscript editing. The Query and Synopsis package by Editing for Authors, priced at $150 includes intensive edit and revision, line-for-line intensive edit of synopsis. It also includes writing book blurb that is carried on Amazon and other online sales channels.

The Indie Genius Contest for Self-Published writers started by Editing for Authors in 2014, offers budding writers a chance to win a full-service editing and publishing package worth $4,500. The winners receive a free comprehensive edit, book design, cover design, print and e-book publication, and distribution through all of Editing for Authors distribution partners. You may log on to http://www.editingforauthors.com/ for more details on publishing and packages byEditing for Authors.


4 Springer Nature:

Springer Nature, a niche player in the fray, offers research, editing, marketing, and content management services in medicine, engineering, technology, business, automotive, transport and road safety education. More than copy editing or publishing, Springer Nature is a leading publisher of academic books and influential journals.

The company was born in May, 2015, as a merger of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media. Springer as an individual brand was founded by Julius Springer in 1842. Nature magazine was first published in 1869 and Macmillan Education had been a leading publisher for over 150 years. Today, standing under the single umbrella of Springer Nature, the company has more than 13,000 staff in over 50 countries. This helps Springer Nature create global footprints as well as strengthen its subscriber base through local reach.

Springer Nature’s Technology and Publishing Solutions help its customers in production, delivery, and management of content across various channels. The services offered include end-to-end content management, from typesetting and manuscript screening to database management and workflow systems to optimize the publishing cycle. Log on to http://www.springernature.com/in/ for more information.


5 Copyediting:

Copyediting, owned and managed by Pilcrow Group, Inc., was formed by Erin Brenner and Laura Poole. Primarily aimed at educating writers (both amateurs and established), freelancers, copy writers, editors, content writers, publishers, and other writing professionals, the site offers countless free learning resources, articles, blogs, and downloadable audio resources on editing. Copyediting blog and Copyediting Weekly (sub divisions of Copyediting Publishing)publishes quick tips on editing, blog stories, a conference calendar, and job listings.

Editor’s Academy, the training division under Copyediting offers master classes, in-depth courses, and customized private training programs. Priced at $79 per person, master classes are single-session audio conferences and webinars once a month, offering quick training for busy editors. Industry experts make a 90-minutes presentation on editorial and business-building topics. The package also includes detailed handouts and Q&A sessions.

Copyediting’s In-Depth Courses gives writers a unique opportunity to take part into deep-delving editorial courses, comprising of three to five lessons. The courses include editing exercises, Interactive Q&A with the instructor, handouts, and long and detailed discussion on editorial concepts. The pricing of the courses is decided by the number of lessons taken. Log on to https://www.copyediting.com/ for more learning resources and discussions.


6 The Writer’s Workshop:

Established in 2005, The Writers’ Workshop is a leading Oxford literary consultancy for first-time writers. The online editing resources portal offers professional feedback, paid suggestions, and self-publishing services.

The Writers’ Workshop also offers a host of courses like creative writing course, novel writing course, courses on self-editing, screen writing, picture books, and children’s fiction. For copyediting of manuscripts or any other writing charges are usually £8.50 per thousand words, though Writers’ Workshop allows writers to place their price quotes, on a project by project basis. The base fee for Editorial feedback for all manuscripts (novels, non-fiction, short stories, children’s fiction, and novel) is £185, and an additional £4 per thousand words. You get a 10% discount on the base fee, if a re-read of same manuscript is required. Chunk review / Agent submission review is priced at £195 (up to 8,000 words). Editorial feedback for Children’s picture books is usually £165 to £195, depending upon the number of books. For Copy Editing and Post critique mentoring The Writers’ Workshop charges £125 for the first hour and an additional £ 90 for two or more subsequent hours.

The Writers’ Workshop also hosts several writing festivals, including the upcoming Festival of Writing 2017, from September 8-10th, at the University of York. Check out the online editing resources portal at http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/index.html to know more about courses, events, free advice, and literary agents.


7 TheWriteScene:

TheWriteScene comes as a fresh whiff of air amid the crowd of stunning luminaries, abundance of learning resources, editing tutorials, and paid services. Simplistic in design and approach, TheWriteScene is the place where you can start your journey. You get to learn the tricks of the trade, without getting lost in the maze of paid offerings. Budding writers can read blogs by fellow authors. They can also connect over several social media sites.

Founded by brand expert|author Deeba Salim Irfan, TheWriteScene teaches you the arts and science of book marketing, PR management, and publishing, as well as take part in an engaging discourse with writers, who have mastered it. Candid with Deeba is an excellent opportunity to learn about their literary journey, first hand. Herself, a passionate writer and poet, Deeba dives into unseen territories of literature, and throws a deep insight with her worldliness. She interviews several eminent literary personalities, engaging in deep delving discussions about their varied experiences. Both informative and intriguing, these interviews impart valuable lessons for aspiring authors as well as established literary artists.

Run by a dedicated team of writers and bloggers, the site has two divisions: Connecting Dots and Writer’s Market Place.

Connecting Dots, more of a crowd sourcing community of writer guides first time writers, editors, freelance, and professional writers through editing guidelines, new trends in proof reading and publishing. It is here that writers get free advice on writing from established writers and bloggers, to hone their writing and editing skills. They can also submit their writings for free manuscript review. They also get to read new literary trends, topics, issues and discussions on writing and writers.

Writer’s Market Place is a one-stop shop for a host of services like cover design, editing, illustrations, website design, social media marketing, PR management, and manuscript review. You can fill up a form to specify the services required and your mail id. TheWriteScene will get back to you with the available services and relevant packages tailored to your needs.

No screaming banners, no long listing of client testimonials or compulsory signups for services; just a clear conversation with a writer soul. TheWriteScene is one place where you find yourself, learning and rediscovering your hitherto unexplored talents and learn ways to market your work and to build your ‘Author’ brand. Come and explore the various possibilities of growth as an author at http://thewritescene.com/.