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Arup Bose (Publisher - Srishti Publishers)

About Him

Born and brought up in Delhi, Arup’s association with books and publishing has been since childhood. After working as a Risk Consultant and Mitigation expert for a leading Insurer, he decided to hang up his boots and enter the world of publishing. The shift was but a logical extension of his background of both love for books and association with the industry. An MBA by education, he currently looks after the day-to-day operations at Srishti while driving the growth by diversifying into new genres and entering unexplored markets.

  • 1.
    Share with us your role at Srishti Publishers, India..
    I am a part of the publishing team, which involves welcoming a new author onboard, helping him/her through the process and acting as a conduit through the whole publishing process starting from editing to production, all the way to marketing & PR of the book once it hits the stands.
  • 2.
    What is the Genre that is being selected for publication in India generally and at Srishti in particular these days?
    With more than five hundred titles to boast of, Srishti specializes in publishing books in genres as diverse as Astrology, Biography, Children’s Literature, Culture, Health, Fiction, Management, Philosophy, Plays, Self-Help, Translations, among various others. The year 2017 will see Srishti's burgeoning presence in genres as varied as romance to coming-of-age stories, all the way up to thrillers.
  • 3.
    Do you see this changing in the next 5 years? If yes, in which direction do you see the shift?
    The publishing trends tend to change from time to time. We are seeing an emergence of new genres like travel-lit, spiritual-lit etc. However there won’t be any single genre which will be all dominant and will keep the market mostly heterogeneous.
  • 4.
    How do you see the immediate future of publishing in India?

    The industry is growing and has a huge potential. The emergence of digital platforms and availability of books across multiple devices will help it grow.

    We hope to see a significant rise in readership, with an increase in levels of literacy and percolation of English as a language amongst the masses.

  • 5.
    In your opinion, should the writer write for a particular audience / genre in mind or write what he wants to and think of the target of their work later?
    A simple word of advice to all budding writers would be to write with your heart and passion and persevere in your efforts. The initial focus of the writer must always be on content rather than glitz. The content still is and will always remain the King. However the author should also have a marketing plan in his mind after he is done writing.
  • 6.
    Share with us the ingredients of some of the best-written queries you have received?

    A good manuscript must have most importantly, a good story. Having a story which is new yet touches a chord with millions of readers is the most important but elusive ingredient. Quickly following it on the scale of importance is the language, easy to read and colloquial but at same time making grammatical sense. These are two of the most important things amongst others that we look for in any manuscript that we accept.

  • 7.
    What is a weekend to you?
    Weekends usually mean finishing those pending work, which have a next-week deadline. Also gives me some time to unwind and finish my ever-growing pile of to-be-read books.
  • 8.
    One question I ask all my guests – what is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?
    Black Coffee, preferably filter coffee from Coorg, with a large dollop of sugar.
  • 9.
    Advice to the writers of ‘Write Scene’ who are looking to get their work published.
    Work diligently. The publishing process is one of perseverance and patience is the key to success.


Arup Bose (Publisher - Srishti Publishers)