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Laurence O’Bryan (Author and Founder of BooksGoSocial.com)

About Him

In 2007 he won the Outstanding Novel submitted award at the Southern California writer’s conference. He is a member of the Irish Writing Centre, two “live” writing groups in Dublin and online writing communities in England and the States. His first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, came out from Harper Collins in January 2012 and 3rd, The Manhattan Puzzle released in the US, 2014.His first novel was shortlisted for Irish crime novel of the year in 2012. He also run a service, BooksGoSocial.com, which promotes other writers. He teaches digital marketing and provides support services in that area as well.

Laurence, welcome to a candid chat with me, Deeba

  • 1.
    You are the founder of BooksGoSocial.com. Tell us how you have helped a few authors.

    BooksGoSocial.com has helped over 3,500 authors to reach readers. Many of our authors are selling lots more books because of this service. We have over 636,493 real Twitter followers who we Tweet to every day about books. These followers know they will get information about books when they follow us. It says so in our profiles.

    This doesn’t work for every book however. We struggle to find readers for poetry, experimental literary fiction, YA and children’s books. But if your book is for adults and in a popular genre we can help you sell it.

  • 2.
    You got published by Harper Collins in 20 countries and 11 languages. How much marketing do you need to do for your own books? Or does the publisher takes care of it completely and you just write?

    Harper Collins are wonderful. They did a lot for me. They ran competitions, got me interviews on TV and radio and in magazines in 2012-2014, but my editor has gone! And her replacement has gone too! To Amazon! So now I’m on my own and self-publishing the next installment in my mystery series, The Nuremberg Puzzle.

    They helped me find those 636,493 readers though and now I can help other writers reach those readers too!

  • 3.
    You have been writing a book a year, well nearly! How long does it take for you to write a novel? What’s your process?

    My current novel took two years to write and edit. I had most of it done in the first six months, but then I paid for two edits and a proofread, which sent me back to the beginning for major re-writes. I believe it’s important that we deliver the best possible book we can.

  • 4.
    Is Social Media the key to growing your reputation? What if the author does not have this skill?

    One of the reasons I started helping other authors was because they didn’t have the time to expand their following on Twitter or promote on Facebook. Our service gives authors instant access to a huge following. The fees are low and compared to the time you’d have to invest in building such a following it’s really a cost effective way to reach new readers.

  • 5.
    What about Networking? We have heard that you found your editor at a networking event, the 9th you had attended in 5 years! What would be your advise to authors who are bad at networking? How can they increase their chances of getting discovered?

    Yes, I enjoy networking, especially with writers. It’s one of the reasons I founded the Dublin Writers Conference – linked here – in late June every year. It’s a small and friendly conference ideal for anyone new to networking with writers.

    Sure, you don’t have to network, but if you can push yourself the rewards are amazing. We have a Hollywood producer coming this June and lots of great writing teachers with lots of great ideas.

    The social aspect of writing is something I enjoy. I don’t have friends outside of writing and the pleasure of being with other writers is humbling and inspiring. Try it!

  • 6.
    How do you manage the different hats you wear? You are a busy author, manage an online portal and are also the director of Digital Marketing College, Dublin.

    With difficulty! I am cutting down on my teaching and have a great assistant there now and we also have four full time staff at BooksGoSocial.com so it is getting easier. But I still work seven days a week. I enjoy it all too!

  • 7.
    Where do you find your inspiration to write?

    Reality is an amazing inspiration! I was reading about the Vatican’s involvement with Adolf Hitler, which inspired me to write The Nuremberg Puzzle, out April 14th 2016.

    Online news sites, and history books inspire me. There is so much that has been hidden. I want to make stories about it all!

  • 8.
    What is your view on writer’s block? Do you get them?

    Yes, I do occasionally. It’s hard to stay inspired, especially if life is difficult. Reading and finding time for writing helps, as will networking. It’s not an easy road, being a writer, but it is hugely rewarding.

  • 9.
    One question I ask all my guests - what’s your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

    Tomato juice!

  • 10.
    Your advice to aspiring writers – how to create a personal – ‘Write Scene’?

    Persevere. Be patient. Be open to learning. Never give up! And good luck with all you do from all of us at BooksGoSocial.com.

If you want to know more about our guest, please visit their website below:

Website: lpobryan.com

Website: booksgosocial.com

Laurence O’Bryan (Author and Founder of BooksGoSocial.com)