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Sanil Sachar

About Him

Sanil Sachar is a 25-year-old national best-selling author, entrepreneur, investor, columnist, movie producer, motivational speaker and leadership coach based in New Delhi.

He is one of the few writers in India to be published with over 120 works of poetry, 25 short stories, 2 plays and a novel at such a young age. He is a guest columnist for Business World Disrupt and The Huffington Post.

It was a short yet an interesting candid meet with Sanil on his visit to Dubai for Sharjah International Book Fair. At first look he comes across as a young vivacious gentleman, full of ideas and a positive vibe, Sanil is truly a multifaceted person sure to go places.

Here are his answers to my 10 questions.


Welcome to 'Candid with Deeba' Sanil!

  • Deeba: At what age did you start writing? Share with us an anecdote.

    Sanil: I started young. I started a blog and then I got around the world.

  • Deeba: Rebound is your 3rd novel, what’s next? At what stage is your next project?

    Sanil: There are some projects in the pipeline. You shall hear about them soon.

  • Deeba: How did you get published? Share with us your journey to publication?

    Sanil: It's a simple story of persistence. I used to send some of my work to various editors and they often sent me their feedback. Some did some didn't. I took the feedback and always worked on it and sent back for more feedback.

  • Deeba: What is your writing process and how do you deal with writer’s block?

    Sanil: I don't get writer’s block. There is so much to write about. I always have something to write. I am a travel person. I usually write best while travelling and interacting with new people, experiencing new places.

  • Deeba: What do you read? Share with us your favourite fiction and non-fiction book. What are you currently reading?

    Sanil: I read both, fiction and non-fiction. My personal favourite from recent books I have read is Mitch Albom’s work. He knows how to paint reality through fiction. I’d love to write a book with him too!

  • Deeba: What is your opinion about our initiative, ‘Young Author Awards’?

    Sanil: It is a great initiative. Appreciation and recognition is always a great initiative. I feel this is a perfect platform for the next generation authors.

  • Deeba: Take us through your normal writing day?

    Sanil: I don't sit at one place and write. I like to make notes and then put them all together later. I don't write in order. I write as it comes and then put the pieces together. A messy cupboard being organized is the ideal analogy of my process.

  • Deeba: There is one question that I throw at all my guests, what is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

    Sanil: Mango Juice! There’s a sense of comfort, belonging and a homely feeling each time I take a sip of cold mango juice. Maybe, it stems from being younger and chugging pints of it, although the limit was one glass a day!

  • Deeba: I read in one of your interviews that you consider yourself a cook, what does cooking mean to you?

    Sanil: Oh I love cooking but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it. I love eating, I consider myself better at doing this!

    • Deeba: What would be your advice to the aspiring authors of ‘The Write Scene,’ who are looking to get published?

      Sanil: Persistence is the key. Never give up. Keep going, one step, one action and one word at a time.

  • Deeba: Can we have your views on our new initiative of  ‘Young Author Awards’  to recognize the next generation authors under the age of 30?

    Sanil: I’m so glad to see something like this. These are things that will contribute to keep youngsters motivated.

You can connect with Sanil on

Email – sacharsanil@gmail.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/sanilsachar1

Twitter – @SanilSachar

Instagram – sanilsachar

Sanil Sachar