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Six Literary Retreats to Explore in 2019


When was the last time you spoke to the writer in you? Last week? last month, or last year? Our busy schedule makes it impossible for us to listen to our inner voices and still worse, unravel the messages conveyed to us. They often guide us to try out newer genres of literature or think deeper. A story is not a story, but a culmination of ideas steeped in several hours of relentless observation. As a writer, you need to find “yourself”. A writing retreat is one of the best places to speak to your soul.

Take a walk in the quiet woods, or listen to the cascade lilt, or simply stare at the fresh foliage. You will discover newer ways of expressing yourself. You will start exploring unknown nooks and corners of your mind and feel like twisting the form of the novel or play. Enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or talk to a seasoned writing genius, to discover newer layers of thought. You can also interact with literary agents or publishing agents, who are present as honorary delegates, to guide you through your writing journey.

Let us take a look at some of the most happening literary retreats in 2019.


Kangra Valley Writer's Retreat:

The Kangra Valley Writer’s Retreat is coming up in a week's time. The four-day long writing retreat is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring writers and writing professionals to meet, interact and engage in delightful literary discourses. The retreat members can also be part of a brainstorming session with eminent literary professionals like Premanka Goswami (Senior Commissioning Editor, Penguin India) and Anuj Bahri (CEO & Principal Agent, RedInk Literary Agency). Master the art of writing a killer query letter or prize-winning opening pages at the Writer’s Retreat in the Kangra Valley.

Add to it, the pleasure of going on a guided trek to Naddi or visit the Thekchen Choling Temple or daily yoga sessions under the guidance of an experienced trainer. Do not forget to try the local culinary delights, at the retreat.

Also, meet Deeba Irfan Salim, the retreat curator, also the founder of TheWriteScene.com, a portal for budding writers. She inspires and guides the newbies. She can give you expert advice on finishing your manuscript and make your publishing dream come true.

You can read Deeba’s interviews of celebrity authors in the Candid with Deeba section in the TheWriteScene.com portal. Deeba is also the founder of the First International Young Author Awards for traditionally published authors under 30.

Book a seat for yourself or gift one to your writing buddy today.


When and where: March 29 - April 1, 2019 (closed for registration)

3 - 6 October, 2019 (open for registration)

Cost: $500 (INR 35,000) per person


The Himalayan Writing Retreat:

The Himalayan Writing Retreat takes place every year and is very popular among young writers, especially among travel bloggers and nature poets. The 10-day workshop usually comprises of yoga and meditation classes, forest walks, and creative writing workshops, interaction with eminent writers, and learning the basics of blogging. The dazzling beauty of the Himalayas, sun-kissed peaks, flora and fauna, natural lakes, fireside chats, and abundance of nature, imbibes you with new ideas. Rediscover yourself in the mountain trails and brilliance of setting sun rays, while the writer in you has already started his composition.

When and where: March 31 to April 10, 2019, at Delhi, and Satkhol Village in the Indian Himalayas


Cost: $2,500 per person


Iceland Writers’ Retreat:

The Iceland Writer’s Retreat is ideal for authors and professional creative writers. It gives them ample scope to interact with a variety of authors and participate in the intense writing and reviewing workshop. The authors can review each other’s’ works and share ideas.

Also, get a chance to tour in and around Iceland. Who knows, you might meet your writing muse in the beautiful landscapes of Iceland. Sign up today for a once-in-lifetime experience.

When and where: April 3-7, 2019 at Hotel Reykjavik Natura


Cost: $1,644–$2,342 per person


Write Away Europe: Prague Writing Retreat

The Prague Writing Retreat workshop offers writers and literary professionals to come together and share their ideas on writing. Get a chance to interact with experienced writers who will help you develop your ideas into their full potential. Also, you can participate in daily roundtable sessions with the other retreat members and authors, to discuss your writing themes and learn from the seasoned stars. The literary retreat also includes a guided tour to the beautiful, historically rich, and magical Prague.

When and where: May 12-18, 2019, at Prague, Czech Republic


Cost: $2,050–$2,500 per person


Greece Writing Retreat:

Finally, an all-woman writing retreat for women’s fiction writers! Are you an authoress, or aspire to be one someday? Then, this one is for you.

The Greece Writing Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet women writers of all levels and genres. You will simply love to find a perfect balance of community and solitude. With a good number of spacious rooms, extensive workshops, and a variety of activities that serve as a welcome break from the sheer boredom of professional writing (pitted with the fear of meeting deadlines) – from yoga to swimming – it will surely refresh your senses.


When and where: June 9 to 18, 2019, at the island of Alonnisos in Greece

Cost: $2200 per person, sharing a double-room apartment


Pink Pangaea: Writing and Hiking Retreat in the Swiss Alps

Are you the one who wants to discover the beauty of nature in the iced caves of Alps and come up with a wonderful book of poems? This is a great opportunity for you to nourish their writing souls and recharge. Explore the amazing mountains of the Swiss Alps, and take part in a variety of interactive writing activities to enrich creativity.

When and where: August 23-29, 2019


Cost: $1,040–$1,385 per person (does not include lunch or dinner)

So, what’s your choice? Which one of the aforementioned writing retreats looks most exciting to you? Let us know thoughts.