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Young Author Awards

Middle East & Indian Subcontinent Chapter
Recognising Next Generation Authors March 2017, Dubai

Nomination Form

    Each publisher / Author has to courier us 5 books each.

Why Enter Awards

Young Author Awards winners will enjoy benefits like
  • Two invites to the premium awards night in Dubai.
  • One invite to the gala award night in Dubai. Additional seat / table of 6 at a special price.
  • Book Awards & Popular Choice Awards
    Award trophy
    Exclusive stamp that can be used in all your communication
    Credits on the site
    Interview on this portal and others
    All winners enter a draw, one lucky winner gets to win 4 nights - five star resort writers retreat in Dubai
  • Will be given a badge that they can use in all their communication.
  • Creative Awards
    Award trophy
    Credits on the site
    Interview on this portal and others
    Premium Gift hamper


The awards are open to self published, e-books (open to submission by authors/ publishers) and traditionally published authors (submissions by publishers). The age categories are:

  • under 10 years
  • 10-15 years
  • 15-20 years
  • 20-25 years
  • 25-30 years
  • 30-35 years


Celebrating and Nurturing the Next Generation of Authors.

Book and E-Book awards are open to nominations from Publishers and from Independent Authors for books written in English and Arabic.

Creative Awards are open to nominations from Publishers, Independent Authors or the Agencies (Advertising agencies, Social Media agencies, PR agencies, Book illustrators, Strategic consultants, Organisations, NGOs)

  • Unusual or Innovative Social Media Usage
  • Most Creative Book Launch
  • Outrageous Book Launch Strategy
  • Best PR Campaign for A Book Launch
  • Best Cover Design
  • Ambient Media for a literary purpose
  • Concept for nurturing young authors
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Book and E-Book Awards

Award for the youngest author overall in each language (English and Arabic) / each country.

Best work nominated in each category.

Popular award - most voted in each category - traditionally published, self published and e-book .

    Baby Steps – My Journey To Publication

    Baby Steps – My Journey To Publication

    I think the tenor of my life changed with the advent of the Iranian revolution, when as a ten year old I lost the exuberance of childhood and the warmth of my loved ones.